We have also worked with the Ohio Dental Association and The Ohio State Dental Board to create several information pieces to support in office practice activities. ​

We are always looking for new ways to support our members.  You can give input or become involved by contacting Lorraine Mollohan, our Executive Director, or any of our board members.

Dr. Matthew Mayers
President, OAO​

 September 15, 2017  1-2PM

The Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria
​New Orleans, LA

Welcome to the OAO

​​​​​​​​OAO Annual Session

A Message from the President - Dr. Matthew Mayers

The Ohio Association Of Orthodontists Is The State Level Component Of The American Association Of Orthodontists.

The regional component that we belong to is the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists. As the most local level of organized dentistry for orthodontists, we provide advocacy and informational support that is specific for orthodontists in our state.

The Ohio Association of Orthodontists will be continuing our efforts with our regional and national partners in educating the public in regards to the our profession is as specialists. These goals will be explored later in the year as to the most cost effective way to educate the most amount of people in the state of Ohio.  Concurrent to these goals, our board will be reviewing the advertising regulations that are currently being reviewed and enforced by the Ohio State Dental Board in regards to all dental specialist, and that pertain to our specialty.  We will also be reviewing the permissible duties of dental auxiliary personnel. ​