OAO Annual Session

A Message from the President - Dr. David Lewicki

We are excited to be your advocates.  Please let us know how we may better serve you.​​  You can give input or become involved by contacting Lorraine Mollohan, our Executive Director, or any of our board members.  I look forward seeing you at our annual session in September!

Dr. David Lewicki
President, OAO​

Sun, Sand, Smiles
​Friday, September 13, 2019 
Join the OAO Board for our annual business meeting and Floribbean Luncheon 1-2PM!  

Welcome to the OAO

The Ohio Association Of Orthodontists Is The State Level Component Of The American Association Of Orthodontists.

Hello and welcome to the website for the Ohio Association of Orthodontists.

We represent the state level component of the American Association of Orthodontists. Our primary purpose is to provide personalized service to our members and represent them in issues they face in the daily practice of orthodontists.

Most recently, we have been active in working with the Ohio Dental Association and the Ohio State Dental Board to maintain reasonable standards in relation to specialty advertising. In addition, we, along with the AAO and our regional component, The Great Lakes Society of Orthodontists, are engaging in consumer awareness campaigns regarding the risks of do-it-yourself orthodontics as well as the differences in treatment by orthodontists versus general practitioners.